The Hopeless Blueprint: Jennika

It takes a brave soul to step up to a challenge and conquer it. It takes an even braver soul to confront their own demons and conquer themselves. With the first ‪#‎HopelessBlueprint‬ video submission, I want to introduce Jennika Watts. A close and best friend to me. I personally want to thank you for telling your story…we’ve all been there before. And you are strong. You always have been. Regardless of anything, keep pushing! Watch and listen to her story here:

Demonstration of The Hopeless Blueprint

Hello all!

I hope that today and this week is treating you well! I’ve had people ask me how I am expecting the videos to look. I figured that instead of explaining to you all through a text post that I would just create a mock video of what I want! The first batch of videos should be up by mid-August. I’m really excited to have so many people interested in telling their stories! Once again, thank you for your participation in advance! Feel free to share this video if you know anybody that wants to participate!

#WhatsYourStory #TheHopelessBlueprint


– Amarii

Directions To Follow

Alright guys. It’s time to get The Hopeless Blueprint started! There are a few directions that I have in order for this initiative to go the way that I see it in my head. There is a lot of bravery that comes with telling your story and being metaphorically naked in front of people. Trust me when I tell you that it’s relieving to get that kind of secrecy off of your chest. On top of that, you’re going to be helping others tell their stories.


Here are the directions! Read carefully.

  1. Use “Hopeless” as background music. Links to the song are:
  2.  Get notecards! I want you guys to tell your stories using Sharpie on notecards. Make sure that your handwriting is legible and that the cards are big enough to be seen.
  3. Be open. This initiative will not work unless you’re willing to be open about your experiences with mental illness. Whether it’s your experience with mental illness or your experiences with a parent, sibling, loved one, etc…just be open. Be honest. Be unapologetically you. Don’t worry about being emotional on camera. It is perfectly fine to let it out.
  4. Once you’ve recorded your story, post it to YouTube. Make sure the title of the video reads “The Hopeless Blueprint: Your Name”.
    1. Send the YouTube link to
    2. (*) I would prefer high quality videos


Use the hashtags #TheHopelessBlueprint, #MentalHealthAwareness, #AmariiDavu if you share to social media!

Thank You in advance for participating in The Hopeless Blueprint initiative! We will raise awareness about mental health in our community!


Amarii Davu
Hip Hop Artist
Mental Health Advocate

Welcome to The Hopeless Blueprint

First things first, thank you all for visiting the page. What started off as an idea from my good friend Verina Wherry has evolved into a way for me to not only tell my story with Bipolar Disorder and Depression, but also to help other people tell their stories. Welcome to The Hopeless Blueprint.

The Hopeless Blueprint is a mental health awareness initiative designed by me. This project is designed to raise awareness and create discussion about mental illnesses through videos and storytelling. The goal of The Hopeless Blueprint is to create an open-minded community and safe haven for people that want to tell their stories dealing with mental illness. Also, we are aiming to establish awareness for those who don’t know much about mental illness.

I have realized the power of being able to share what ails you with people. When it comes to mental illnesses, it is sometimes hard to find people that truly understand what it means to HAVE a mental illness. With all the stigmas and stereotypes floating around in the world, it can be problematic trying to express and explain yourself.

This is why this page is here. I am hoping that we are able to grow this page into something beneficial for you and for me. If you have any questions or concerns, hit me up. I’m here for you.

We will have videos of people telling their stories soon. I look forward to beginning this journey!

– Amarii Davu